Lannutti Group operates in eight European countries with a fleet of 1,800 trucks. The company’s decision to purchase 1,000 new Volvo FH vehicles follows a year-long comprehensive fuel consumption test in which it compared an I-Save-equipped Volvo FH with other trucks of different makes in its fleet. The test resulted in an impressive 10 per cent lower fuel consumption than an equivalent standard truck*.

The Lannutti Group’s fleet renewal policy is to prefer low-emission vehicles. Apart from reliability, the most important factors for us are the lowest possible kerb weight to maximize payload and the lowest possible fuel consumption. After the successful test, we decided that all our new Volvo trucks will be fitted with I-Save,” says Valter Lannutti, President of the Lannutti Group

The Volvo FH I-Save combines a super fuel-efficient engine with a number of other fuel-saving features for long-haul transport – without compromising on driveability. In addition, there are additional safety features such as Lane Departure Assist and Driver Response Monitoring to help you avoid traffic accidents.

We do not compromise on safety. On the one hand, it’s about providing our drivers with a safe and comfortable working environment, while on the other hand it’s about safeguarding our supply chain. Fortunately, most accidents are not serious. However, they often result in vehicles needing repairs, which means expensive downtime. That’s why I think these additional safety systems are a good investment,” adds Valter Lannutti.

The 1000 ordered Volvo FH I-Save will be delivered to Lannutti during 2021 and 2022.

We’ve worked with the Lannutti Group for a long time and I’m proud that they place their trust in Volvo and that they confirm the exceptional fuel economy of our trucks in the I-Save configuration. This is very important both for our customers and for the climate,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.

Every element of the I-Save has been designed to reduce fuel costs.

Volvo FH I-Save equipment includes:

D13TC (Turbo Compound) 460 hp (2600 Nm) or 500 hp (2800 Nm) engine
Energy-saving rear axles
Automatic engine shutdown function at idle
I-Cruise cruise control with I-Roll function, which adjusts driving speed to reduce fuel consumption
Variable displacement power steering pump
Updated I-See function
Upgraded I-Shift transmission with a software package optimised for long-haul transport
* compared to a standard Volvo FH with Euro 6 Step C engine.